Amplify your development process

  • Plan and track iterations
  • Manage stories, tasks and releases
  • Schedule multiple backlogs
  • Track your time
  • Pure scrum
  • Get’s synched with Basecamp Classic™

What we do

Add agile project management to your Basecamp Classic™ projects. Plan your releases, setup sprints and schedule your stories. All what SCRUM users need, is handled by agileamp. Whether you are a SCRUM starter, or if you are already a certified SCRUM trainer, agileamp is the perfect tool to guide your team through the agile development cycle.
We keep your projects and users synched with Basecamp Classic™. Projects, todo lists and tasks are perfectly mapped to represent SCRUM artifacts. New stories, created on your account are synched back to basecamp™, as well as tasks and projects. agileamp is the perfect choice for small businesses or for companies which wants to use SCRUM in depth.

agileamp is your simple interface to use all SCRUM artifacts with Basecamp Classic™